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About Lacey|HL360

Hey Y'all, I'm Lacey-

A spiritual wife, mother, Holistic Lifestyle Blogger and Graphic Artist. A woman with many 'nametags' and just as many passions, whom resides in Bluffton, SC with my Husband- Adam, & our two children. 

My passions consists of creating and designing art; graphic and watercolor, writing, interior decorating, and inspiring others through my work.

I had a spiritual awakening around November of 2017 nearly two months after losing my absolute best friend - my mother, and having my son, both within a 30 day time frame. The day he was born would've and should've been her 62nd birthday, and was the first of their birthday's without her. It was by far the most bittersweet day of my life. The loss of her and giving birth on her birthday just one month later, kickstarted my spiritual awakening, and ignited a flame within me. A flame that couldn't be ignored. 

One thing that changed from within that really began to change my life was developing a strong passion & desire to live a healthier, more meaningful, holistic & spiritually balanced lifestyle, and I created this blog with the intention to inspire & help others learn how to as well, by simply learning how to implement certain tools and practices into their homes & daily lives. The same tools I use daily, myself.


Examples of such tools and practices that I blog about and base my holistic/spiritual/nature themed art around are, Aromatherapy with the use of essential oils and Implementing Holistic & Spiritual Self Care into ones daily routine through Yoga, Prayer & Meditation, Manifesting, Stating Positive Affirmations, and Surrounding Oneself with Nature. I have dedicated myself to inspiring, motivating, & guiding individuals through my art and words, to live a natural and all around balanced lifestyle, as well as, to rediscover that of which is already within.

My graphic art generally has a holistic/spiritual nature vibe designed to evoke inspiration, motivation, tranquility, and positive vibes. My hopes are that everyone who leaves this site, leaves with helpful or inspiring knowledge gained, and/or art that resonates and speaks to them.✌🏼♡

Want to reach out to me? Simply go to the 'Contact Me' tab and send me an email with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for checking out HL360, we hope you find whatever it is you're needing and looking for. God bless.✝️☯️☮