Holistic Lifestyle 360

Holistic Lifestyle 360 is a blog I started to help and encourage other ladies to live a more natural, balanced, holistic lifestyle, practice holistic self care, and how to incorporate this lifestyle into your home. My approach to help others is unique as it is expressed through soul inspiring digital art I design, printables I create to help others, and blogging to share the many ways to live a more holistic lifestyle. From sharing holistic self care practices, essential oil recipes & remedies for a variety of ailments, to sharing purposeful interior styling tips for nurturing your soul- you are sure to discover a variety of ways to live holistically in this blog.

There is an interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit with the interior of one's home, and all that is within it. By knowing how to use natural materials, various textures, energy-balancing aromatherapies, and soul inspiring art, anyone can create life & soul-nurturing spaces. Check out and stay tuned to the blog to learn holistic self care tips, remedies, recipes and so. much. more.

Also, be sure to check out the inspiring digital art offered in the online shop, and follow both Instagram accounts to stay 'in the know' of new design releases and when a new blog post is shared.

@holistic_lifestyle360_designs| for digital art posts & notifications of all upcoming sales in the store 

@holistic_lifestyle360_blog| where I share Home Decor inspiration pics, briefly discuss ways to decorate with purpose, and share pictures of our journey in our new home and making it our own.‚ô°

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